de la Rocha Lab

Cortical Circuit Dynamics Group

Our goal is to understand the neuronal network mechanisms underlying the cognitive functions of perceptual decision making and working memory. We are also interested on characterizing the alterations of these mechanisms occurring in patients and animal models of different brain disorders (e.g. autoimmune synaptopathies).

We investigate these questions with a combination of experimental and computational methods. We employ behavioral tasks that can be adapted for humans and animals and use mathematical models to characterize behavior and to interpret neural recordings obtained from EEG, fMRI in humans or neural intracranial recordings in animals.

The laboratory is the result of a merge between the Theoretical Neurobiology Group led by Albert Compte and the Cortical Circuit Dynamics group led by Jaime de la Rocha. The team integrates researchers with different backgrounds ranging from biomedicine, bioengineering, physics, mathematics, computer science and psychology. Our group belongs to the Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience research Area of the IDIBAPS, a clinical research center in Barcelona associated with the University of Barcelona and the Hospital Clinic. Our laboratory is also an active node of the Barcelona Computational Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience (BARCCSYN) community, which integrates around twenty laboratories scattered across multiple local institutions. 

Our joint work is funded by the Cellex Foundation, La Caixa Foundation, AGAUR, Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades and the European Research Council.



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