BCB Lab at SENC/SINC2 meetings

Tiffany Oña and Daniel Duque went to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) to the 18th National Meeting of the Spanish Society of Neuroscience (SENC meeting) and to the 2nd SINC2 Symposium (SINC2 Symposium) celebrated one day before.

SINC2 is a network that promotes interaction among cognitive and computational scientists in order to speed up progress in neuroscience research. It organizes an annual workshop and celebrates a Symposium every two years, as a satellite event within the SENC meeting. This year the Symposium had an amazing plenary lecture by Juan Álvaro Gallego (CSIC, Spain) about neural manifolds and 8 great 20 min presentations. Among those, Tiffany’s stand out and won the best presentation of the SINC2 Symposium event! In the picture you can see the moment when Tiffany received the award (between the organizers, Adrià Tausté and Vicky Puig).


SENC meeting was a great multidisciplinary event that allow us to strengthen the Spanish Neuroscience community and had a clear ground-breaking key concept: organoids. The two incredible plenary lectures by Paola Arlotta and Botond Roska were around this topic. Several great symposium were held, with a especial mention to the ones organized by Mavi Sánchez-Vives (“Transitions across brain states” and the talk by Marcello Massimini) and Albert Giralt (“Cell type diversity in the hippocampus”), where our colleague Pablo Jercog presented his work about a novel method to study memory formation and retrieval.


On a more personal side, our two posters had a good acceptance and we had some really interesting inputs to improve our projects.

In summary, our experience in Santiago de Compostela was great, we really enjoyed the city, the food, and meeting the locals and nice and motivated scientists. We are eager to know where and when the new SENC meeting will be!

Grazas e adeus!

- Daniel Duque

Lejla Bektic